Vastu Shastri Er. Manish Verma

Vastu Consultant in Bhopal

Vastu consultation & courses in Bhopal or online for existing and new homes, showrooms, offices, industries etc.

Vastu Dosha (Existing Construction)

Architectural plan is required and site visit may be required to investigate any problems (vastu dosha) associated with the plan keeping vastu and scientific principles in mind. Remedies/rectifications and suggested based on balancing 5 elements in various directions and generally do not require demolition.

Property Purchase Consultation

Before you purchase a property, you can get it evaluated from vastu perspective.  Scaled map is required and site visit may be needed. The same applies to rented property.

Planning (New Construction)

A layout design can be made keeping vastu and scientific principles in mind in discussion with the client for the construction of  residence/ office/ industry. Plot map is required and site visit may be required.

Modular Kitchen

Vastu principles are not only applicable to the whole plot as such but also to individual rooms and modular kitchens etc. as well. Since kitchen is designed separately these days, vastu principles can be applied for its design.

Interior Decoration

Different people occupy different rooms in a house. The interior of a room can be customised based on the suitable colours for an individual based on his/her nature/work and the direction. The same applies to an office or to an industry.

For consultation & courses call Er Manish Verma and visit him. For fee details etc. please check out the FAQ section.

Vastu Consultation & Courses Bhopal or Online