Vastu FAQs

Q: What are the requirements for consultation with vastu shastri?
A: (1) Architectural plan in case construction has been done.
(2) Plot layout showing plot dimensions as well as directions in case construction has yet to be done.
(3) Birth details (place, date, time) of the person(s) concerned.
(4) A notebook with pen.

Q: What is the consultation fee*?
A: (1) Consultation based on maps, plans etc. without site visit – Rs. 1,500 assuming that not more than 1 hr. would be required.
(2) Site visit in Bhopal – Rs. 2,500 assuming that not more than 1 hr. would be required.
(3) Site visit outside Bhopal (India/abroad) – Rs. 10,000 per working day + travel, boarding etc. expenses.
(4) For custom requirement, please call up and discuss.

Q: Do I need to make any payment in advance for appointment?
A: For outside Bhopal visit, payment to cover travel, boarding etc. expenses + 50% of the fee would be required in advance.

Q: I already have construction. Will I need to do demolition?
A: In most cases, demolition is avoided as much as possible by balancing 5 elements – space, water, air, fire & earth.

Q: Is my privacy maintained.
A: Absolutely!

Q: What is the syllabus and fee for vastu courses?
A: Vastu courses are provided in the form of workshops. For details about syllabus and fees please visit this webpage.

Q: Can you suggest a few vastu texts.
A: Here are a few vastu/sthapatyaveda texts:

S. No. Name
1 Vishvakarma-Prakash
2 Rajavallabh
3 Mansar
4 Mayamat
5 Agni Purana
6 Matsya Purana
7 Samarangana-Sutradhar

*Subject to change at any point of time.

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