Vastu Consultation in Bhopal Or Online

Vastushastra is called sthapatyaveda, which means the knowledge of establishing consciousness in solid form.

Vastu consultation can ideally be done during purchase of new plot, purchase of new house, new construction or renovation. However, vastu consultation can also be done to investigate vastu-dosha in the existing construction.

If you are buying a new plot or a new property or doing a new construction or renovation, architectural plan or scaled map is required along with the birth details in the first step of the consultation process. FAQs can be checked for the consultation process.

Consultation can also be done to investigation vastu dosha and to suggest remedy for the same in existing construction. Demolition is generally avoided as much as possible by balancing 5-elements and removing blockage and sometimes creating blockage using 2-D & 3-D objects, metal strips, metal wires, colours etc. Rearrangements can also be suggested.

Vastu Consultation & Courses Bhopal or Online

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